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The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

Description :

Meet Pinbrush, the bold script font that brings retro vibes and pop culture coolness to your designs. Inspired by the styles of 80s, Pinbrush is the go-to choice for a laid-back yet eye-catching aesthetic. Whether you’re working on a logo, merch, poster, packaging, ads, social media posts, T-shirts, or anything else, Pinbrush has got you covered. Give your projects a dose of vintage charm and let Pinbrush add that extra flair that makes your designs stand out in a crowd. Elevate your creativity with this casually cool font that effortlessly blends old-school vibes with modern versatility.

What’s you get :

– Ending Swashes
– Underline Swashes (just type _1 to _6)
– Numeral & Punctuation.
– Ligature.
– Multilingual Support.

Enjoy Designing!


Letteralle Studios

Pinbrush Font